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The old monastery

The farm and the associated Bakery House date from 1800-1850. The building type is a traverse house farm with thatched roof. The bakery / summer house has a saddle roof with spout facades is covered with tiles.

The name Old Monastery is probably from a monastery that once stood here in the area. Very often near by a monastery was a farm.

Until the early fifties, the bakery house was used as a summerhouse. From early May to late September the farmer and his family lived inside. Because they lived then simply, the woman had more time to make the beautiful farm cheese from Gouda.

The farm and the Bakery House are both a national monument. After two restorations, in 1998 a Bed & Breakfast is started.

From 1903 the family Vlooswijk lived on this farm and has until today a dairy farm, which as said in 1998 is expanded with a Bed and Breakfast. In 2009, the fourth generation took over the stick.