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Historical environment


Historic Gouda

Gouda is a city with a lot of history. Gouda is particularly known for its historic cheese market. It is also a nice city to shop. Also known is the typical old town hall in the middle of the market in the center of the city.

Beautifull Utrecht

Utrecht is famous for its canals, wharfs and of course the Dom tower. The many museums in Utrecht are worth a visit.

Witch`s Stool Oudewater

Witch or no witch? Do the weighing test in Oudewater! In the town Oudewater is the well-known Witch`s Stool. In the Witch`s Stool is a nice and informative museum. Furthermore Oudewater is a nice small town with many historic houses.

Castle De Haar

Castle De Haar is the largest and most picturesque castle in the Netherlands. The castle is open to visitors. In the beautiful gardens surrounding the castle fairs are regularly held. In these gardens you can also walk very well.

Walking and cycling

You can make beautiful cycling and walking tours through the green heart of The Netherlands. There are several maps available.

Central location

Bakery House The Ancient Monastery is centrally situated in The Netherlands. Cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht are all within easy reach.